October 2020 Meeting Minutes

Hello everyone,

We held another virtual meeting via Google Meetup on 10/14. Among the topics discussed were holding an upcoming officers election and then opening up a new bank account for the club.

Thus far, only one person for each office position has stepped forward, so unless there is no opposition, the following members will become the new club officers at the start of November:

Brandon O, president
Ken R, secretary
Tom R, treasurer

The cashier’s check with our previous funds is good to deposit and in Ken’s care at the moment.

Joann, Ted’s wife, has offered to help set up the account which would require the three officers to coordinate to meet and sign the necessary paperwork with her.

I have the original documents to hand over once the new officers are in place, such as our articles of incorporation/bylaws, NM Taxation certificate, Federal EIN, etc.

There was talk about renewing the club insurance and mention of a discount by going through the American Homebrewers Association.  That is what we have done in past years, which has kept costs down quite a bit. There is a bit more of a discount if we can show that some percentage of our members are also AHA members. We did not renew this year since we have not held any in-person activities nor planned to since the old policy expired in April.

Lastly, if you have yet seen it, take a look at Brandon’s prototype of the new club website.


Facebook has become increasingly difficult to navigate since the launch of their latest UI and trying to find useful info from it, even if you know how to find our existing club page, is a pain in the ass. The website looks to be much useful moving forward.  The future website could also be listed with the AHA, etc.

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