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December 2020 Meeting Minutes

Hey Sangres, We held another virtual meeting via Google Meet this month due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Some of the topics we discussed were: The upcoming 2021 National Homebrew Competition. It will take place as a single round of judging in Denver, CO. Entries are $29 each and registration will take place between FebruaryContinue reading “December 2020 Meeting Minutes”

October 2020 Meeting Minutes

Hello everyone, We held another virtual meeting via Google Meetup on 10/14. Among the topics discussed were holding an upcoming officers election and then opening up a new bank account for the club. Thus far, only one person for each office position has stepped forward, so unless there is no opposition, the following members willContinue reading “October 2020 Meeting Minutes”

Mosaic Pilsner SMaSH

Beer purists turn away! Looking for something a little outside of ordinary? Try brewing a lager using hops traditionally reserved for a Pale Ale or IPA. This lager consists of 100% Chateau Pilsen 2RS malt and Mosaic hops and was fermented with Saflager S-23 yeast. This beer was brewed by Brandon. Here’s the brew logContinue reading “Mosaic Pilsner SMaSH”

Brandon’s System

Brandon’s been a home brewer since 2015 and has brewed around 100 different batches as of this post. Some of his favorite styles to brew and drink are saisons and lagers.