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September 2022 Meeting Minutes

We had a good turnout on the last summer night of 2022. The meeting kicked off with Ken’s “The Best Pilsner I’ve Had All Summer” which was very delicious. We had 20 beers, all of which were top notch. Some topics we covered at the meeting included: Internal Club Competition(s): For February 2023 – StartContinue reading “September 2022 Meeting Minutes”

July 2022 Meeting Minutes

As they tend to be for mid-summer meetings, we had a small turn out last night, only 6 of us, but we still enjoyed several great beers. We had Ponderosa’s gold medal winning Italian pilsner. It was simply divine. Big thanks to Corey for bringing a fresh growler of it. The star hit of theContinue reading “July 2022 Meeting Minutes”

June 2022 Meeting Minutes

We held our quarterly mini club competition this meeting. The theme of this competition was honey and we had 8 entries into the competition to choose from. There was a wide range of styles, everything from Belgians and Blondes to Porters and British Milds. The winning beer by a large margin was David G’s BlondeContinue reading “June 2022 Meeting Minutes”

May 2022 Meeting Minutes

We had another great meeting at Santa Fe Brewing Co this month. The number of beers brought was a little more manageable this time, with a total of 18. We tested out a new beer flight system by streaming the beers to a TV in the party room. With some adjustments, I think this willContinue reading “May 2022 Meeting Minutes”

Big Brew 2022 at Beer Creek

We had a great Big Brew event this year at Beer Creek Brewing Company! There were seven different beers (plus one mead) being brewed this year. The weather was perfect for spending the day outside and Beer Creek was an amazing location. They provided 165’F water which was perfect for mashing in. There were alsoContinue reading “Big Brew 2022 at Beer Creek”


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