December 2020 Meeting Minutes

Hey Sangres,

We held another virtual meeting via Google Meet this month due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. Some of the topics we discussed were:

  • The upcoming 2021 National Homebrew Competition. It will take place as a single round of judging in Denver, CO. Entries are $29 each and registration will take place between February 17 and March 3rd. Full details here:
  • David T. talked about his positive experience when went up and visited Proximity Malting Company to buy some grain a few months ago. He said they were really excited to show him around the facilities and gave him some free specialty malts to try out. Once the pandemic is under control we should plan on a group trip up there.
  • There was enough interest in my Holiday Beer Exchange that we have seven of us participating in it. People will be dropping off their beer this week and I’ll deliver them their share next week. It sounds like there will be some really good beers to try!
  • I gave a brief update on our new club website which can be found at
  • Tyler filled us in on some of the latest happenings at Rowley Farmhouse Ales and what they have in their foeders.
  • Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Bill E. as he and his family are starting a new adventure in Knoxville, TN. He said he has a lot of bulk grain that he doesn’t want to move with him so he’ll be sending out an email to the club to see if anyone wants to buy some of it.

It sounds like it will be several more months until we can meet in person again. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for an outdoor meeting in April or May depending on how things are going. Until then, we’ll hold virtual meetings every couple of months just to keep up with what’s going on.

Stay safe and keep brewing!

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