Official Club Shirt Ordering

Hey Sangres,

I want to get the ball rolling on this, as we’ve waited long enough for our next round of shirts. I will be placing the shirt order on Friday, May 12th, so if you are going to want a new shirt(s) this round, make sure to get me the money before then (payment options below).

We’ll be ordering T-Shirts and Work Shirts. You can pick any of the colors available on UPrinting and the sizing you want.  The prices for the shirts will not change based on the color / sizing options. Both options will have a printed small, full color, logo on the left chest and a large, full color, logo on the back.

T-Shirts will cost $27.00 each after tax and shipping.

Work shirts will cost $57.00 each after tax and shipping.

The color options for the two types of shirts are here:

* T-Shirts:

* Work shirts:

To find the color you want, just hover over the color options and record the color(s) you want.

To pay for the shirts, you can send the payment via a few options:

  1. PayPal: (make sure to select gift or else they’ll tack on fees)
  2. Venmo: @Brandon-s-OBrien
  3. Check or Cash mailed / dropped off: Brandon OBrien,917 Placita Chaco, Santa Fe, NM 87505 (checks should be made payable to Brandon OBrien)

Since we don’t have a club bank account set up yet, I’ll be personally paying for the shirts.  This means if I don’t get a payment for your order by May 12th, it won’t be included in this round of ordering.

Please email me directly ( with the size and color choices for the shirt(s) you’re paying for.  You can also include this information in your payment.

Samples of the shirts:

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