March 2022 Meeting Minutes

We had a really nice meeting at Chili Line last week.  We’re sad to have missed anyone that wasn’t able to make it. Xander set us up with a nice area on the patio. We had 8 members show up to the meeting with a total of 21 beers! We were also happy to have Ben K. join us from Bend, Oregon for a meeting while he was in town.

Some topics we covered at the meeting included:

Hop Rhizomes – They’re now in stock at Yakima Valley Hops. If you’re looking to start growing hops, or just want to add some new ones to your garden, now’s the time to start getting them ready!

Next Mini Club Competition – The next mini club competition will take place at the June meeting. For this round, we’ll be brewing beers that contain honey in some form (either during boil or added after fermentation has already started). The judging should be based on which beer has the most honey flavor and how well it compliments the base style.

St Patrick’s Day Crawl – Due to the nasty weather that was due to hit on St. Patrick’s day, we decided to cancel our pub crawl. Once it’s nicer we can pick up the idea again for a Railyard crawl.

April Meeting Location – Next meeting will take place at the Santa Fe Brewing’s Beer Hall in their party room on April 20th at 6:30pm. This room is upstairs at the main brewing facility at 35 Fire Place.

Dues / Elections – Dues will be collected next month. If you’re unable to attend the meeting and want to retain your status as a member of our homebrew club, please get in touch with me or Tom within the next month or two.

With dues around the corner, it made me realize just how many people we’ve lost over the last two years either from moving out of state, quitting brewing or for other reasons. Our active members are about half of what we were about four years ago. If you know of anyone who brews, or is interested in brewing, let them know about the club and let’s see if we can get the club numbers up a little more.

The full list of beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Ben: Kolsch #1, Kolsch #2, Juniper Vossaol (Norwegian Farmhouse Ale), Double hopped barrel-aged Sour, Amber Brett Saison, Irish Red, Electric Lettuce IPA from Moonraker Brewing
  • Aaron: Sour Wheat, Wittekerke Wild Sour Witbier
  • Eric:  Irish Sout, White Chocolate Blonde Stout, Irish Cream Ale from Wexford
  • Corey: Red Lighting Red Ale from Bosque, Ryeot On Rye Barrel-aged Imperial Red Ale from La Cumbre
  • Ken:  Pilsner, Orange Saison
  • Brandon: Pale Ale, Neo-Mexicanus Saison, Apricot Sour, Plum Sour
  • Lorrey: Abbey ale

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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