February 2022 Meeting Minutes

After skipping a meeting in January due to the massive surge in COVID cases, we were back in February to hold our monthly meeting plus mini club competition. The competition for this month was to brew any beer using some hops grown by a local farmer in the Pecos.

We had 6 entries for the club competition and these ranged in style wildly which made judging rather difficult. As we were tasting and judging the beers, we couldn’t come up with any significant contribution from the local hops, although each of the beers were great in their own right.

The beers in the competition were:

  • Lorrie: Belgian Golden Ale
  • Brandon: Saison
  • David G: Wit w/ Cherries + Cinnamon
  • Dave T: Amber
  • Corey + Eric collab: Cool IPA
  • George: IPA

The winning beers were a tie between Lorrie’s Belgian Golden Ale and the collaboration beer from Corey and Eric!

There wasn’t much else in regards to club business aside from mentioning the possibility of doing a mini pub crawl for St. Patrick’s day next month. We’re still working on nailing down a permanent location to host the meetings and I’m hopeful we’ll have something solidified by the next meeting.

The full list of beverages brought to the meeting were:

  • Brandon: Competition Saison, Apple/Pear Cider, Whiskey, Scotch
  • George: Competition IPA
  • Aaron:  Mystery Beer, an amber of some type
  • Lorrie: Competition Belgian Golden Ale, Smoojs: Pina Colada, Tropical Vacation, Oktoberfest and Becksy’s Winter Bock from Bierstadt Lagerhaus
  • Ken:  Belgian Golden Strong, Belgian Dark Strong
  • Tom: Cider, Highland Ale a Scottish Ale from Innis and Gunn Brewery
  • Dave T: Pale Ale, Competition Amber Ale
  • Dave G: Competition Cherry Wit, Cider
  • Corey & Eric:  Competition Cool IPA, Baltic Porter
  • Corey: Knock if you Bock Doppelbock from Burgh’ers Brewing, 2013 Smoked Porter from Alaskan Brewing, 2015 La Negra a Barrel-aged Imperial Stout from La Cumbre, NNM Standard a American Lager from Santa Fe Brewing, HollyDay Baltic Porter from Four Peaks Brewing

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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