December 2021 Meeting Minutes

The last meeting of 2021 was a great one! We had 10 members show up with a whopping 24 beers to sample.

BJCP Practice Update: The second practice will be held on Thursday January 13th at 6:30pm at Tom’s house. If you’re planning on attending, a $5 donation would be appreciated to help with the purchasing of beer. This meeting will be practicing with Pale Ales

Next mini-club competition: Neomexicanus hops! If you haven’t started planning your brew for the next mini-club competition which will be taking place at the February meeting, you should get on that! This challenge is simple: brew a beer of any style but it has to use the Neomexicanus hops provided by Sherrog Farms.

Other Discussions: There was some talk about doing another bulk grain buy. One option would be to buy from Proximity Malting up in Colorado. We’ll get more of this planned out after the holidays.

The beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Tom:  Mystery Beer, Cider
  • George: Munich Helles, Imperial Cream Ale
  • David T: Saison, Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
  • Ken: IPA
  • Arron:  Quad collaboration with Brandon,  Llorona American Light Lager from Chili Line Brewing
  • Corey: Dark Lager, The Reverend  Belgian Quad from Avery Brewing
  • Brandon: Rice Lager, Red Ale, Blueberry Lavender Mead
  • Ben via Brandon:  Sour, Dry hopped Sour
  • Eric: White Smoked Porter, Pilsner from Aass Bryggeri, Jagerbier Dortmunder from Hofbrauhaus Freising Palm Speciale, Belgian Pale Ale from Brouwerij Palm
  • Lorrey: German Pilsner, Belgian Dubbel,  The Rusty Nail  Oatmeal Stout form Fremont Brewing

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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