November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Brandon was out of town this month so Ken did double duty.  

We had a light turn out this month, only five of us, but the beer was very good as always. 

As Tom stated in his email a couple of days ago, we need bylaws to establish a bank account.  I just saw David G is working on this also, Thanks Tom and David.

Speaking of funds, club membership dues will be collected in April.  Dues are $20. Tom is the Treasurer.

The club neomexicanus hop competition will take place at our February meeting.

We need to decide if we are going to have a holiday party this year.  Aaron suggested replacing it with a pub crawl in ABQ in early December.  He going to look into the logistic. 

We all agreed and I’m sure everyone that attended last month Oktoberfest meeting at Ted’s was a great time. Thanks again Ted!  We would like to see this every year, possibly moving it to a Saturday.  This would possibly take the place of a holiday party.

So please weigh in on your thoughts for a holiday party or a ABQ pub crawl or any other ideas. The last item of discussion was a meeting place. We came up with a few ideas for meeting places. Its most likely that during the summer, it is easier to host a meeting since its outdoor-backyard weather, this would cover 5-6 months.  Once we have to move indoors, most people just don’t have the room to host upwards of twenty people.   Brandon has mentioned the new brewery- Knuckles.  I recently met the owner, Tom.  I think there are some opportunities here.  Tom is going to use apprentice brewers from Central New Mexico Community College, but I also thought we could put in some sweat equity in trade for a meeting space.  Other locations ideas were:  Tumbleroot at Bisbee Court, Sante Fe Brewing’s The Bridge, Chili Line Brewing.   We also thought a number of us should get a Server Certificate.  This might mitigate any legal issues that an establishment might have about serving a homebrew.  Any other ideas??

Here are the beer that were brought and enjoyed.

  • Lorrie: Oktoberfest, Dubbel,  The Hills Have Envy Stout from Crooked Stave
  • Eric: Pilsener from Flensburger Brauerei,  Kasztelan Unpasteurized (Niepasteryzowane)  European Pale Lager from Kasztelan Browar Sierpc S.A, Poland
  • Tom: Barleywine, Fest beer
  • Ken: California Common,   Are You There God? Its Me Tangerine Sour from Black Stack Brewing
  • Aaron:  Cider, Mad Ear Beir de Garde from Trinity Brewing

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