October 2021 Meeting Minutes

We held our quarterly mini-club competition as well as an Oktoberfest party. We had a great showing of members, beers and food! A huge thanks goes to Ted and Jo Ann for hosting the meeting and firing up the grill for all the brats.

Festbier competition results: There were 7 entries in the festbier competition. We sampled them in a semi-random order and everyone picked their top three favorites. First choice was given 5 points, second choice was given 3 points and third choice was given 1 point.

  • 1st place – Dave T
  • 2nd place – Corey
  • 3rd place – Ken

BJCP Practice Update: The second practice will be held on Thursday October 28th at 6:30pm at Tom’s house. If you’re planning on attending, a $5 donation would be appreciated to help with the purchasing of beer.

Next mini-club competition: Neomexicanus hops! We got a big batch of whole cone neomexicanus hops from Sherrog Farms in the Pecos. The next competition will be to brew a beer that highlights these hops. Start thinking about a style you’d like to brew and we’ll plan on having the next competition in the January / February timeframe! If you didn’t get any hops but would like to brew with them, Tom might still have a few ounces left.

November Meeting: I’ll be out of town for the November meeting. If someone doesn’t mind stepping up to coordinate and run this meeting, it would be greatly appreciated! Just send an email out in the Google group and we can get that set up.

The beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Brandon;  Festbier, 2017 Fonders Canadian Breakfast Stout
  • Ted: Wheat Ale, La Cumbre Oktoberfest, RFA Dark Hedges Oatmeal Stout
  • Dave T: Vienna Lager, Dunkelweisen
  • Corey: Festbier, Cech-style Dark Lager,  Midnight Sun Imperial Stout,  Foudre #1 Sour by Cascade Brewing
  • Ken: Oktoberfest
  • Eric:  Bitburger Festbier, Poterie Bourbon Barrel-aged Strong English Ale
  • David G: Festbier
  • George: Marzen, Otkoberfest Huss Brewing
  • Tom: Fest Ale
  • Aaron:  Night Owl Pumpkin Ale Elysian Brewing

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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