November 2022 Meeting Minutes

This was the first meeting we’ve had since the time change and it was definitely a cold and dark evening. Fortunately we had a lot of dark or strong beers to warm us up! We had a total of 16 beers with 8 club members in attendance. The beers were also split evenly between homebrews and commercial with 8 each.

We wanted to thank Tom for going above and beyond with his glassware duty and running the glasses over to the meeting even though he wasn’t going to be attending. I think Ken took the glasses home with him so we’ll get those back to you before the next meeting.

Speaking of next meeting, we’re still planning on having our regularly scheduled December meeting on Wednesday December 21st at 6:30pm. We took a quick show of hands at the meeting tonight and it sounds like most of us will be able to attend.

Some topics we covered at the meeting included:

Apparel order – We’re trying to get some numbers for our next round of apparel order. If you want a work shirt or t-shirt, check out this post for more information and a link to our spreadsheet where we’re tracking interest: SDCCB Club Shirts / Apparel Ordering

Upcoming Events:

Rowley Farmhouse Ales Blackest Friday – Friday November 25th from 11:30am-9pm. Which beers they’ll have on tap TBD, but there will be 12 barrel aged stouts on tap.

Santa Fe Brewing Co Winter Market – Saturday December 3rd starting at 1 – 8pm. Live Music, Vendors, Ugly Sweater Party, Food and Toy Drive

Internal Club Competitions:

For February 2023 – Start thinking about brewing a stout for our February 2023 mini club competition. If you want to brew a heavy stout, you should probably start brewing it soon!

For March 2023 – We’ll have another round of our Irish beer competition. Since this will be the month after our Stout competition, we’ll have this one focus on Irish Red Ale (leaving out the Irish stouts).

The full list of beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Aaron C: Quad w/ Plums
  • Brandon O: Munich Dunkel
  • Corey T: German Pils, Marzen (club comp winner from last month), 60 days in Hell by There does not Exist, Tiny (2010) by Weyerbacher Brewing
  • Eric H: Chocolate Honey Porter, English Mild (collab w/ Corey)
  • Ken: Belgian Golden Strong, MaDukes by Black Stack
  • Kevin W: Bonkeur and Beast Mode by Rouleur Brewing Co, 250 Kwh Guava by Kilowatt Brewing Co
  • Lorrey: Belgian Agave Dubbel (2022 version), Oktoberfest by Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Copper Legend by Jack’s Abbey

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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