SDCCB Club Shirts / Apparel Order

I know we’ve been talking about a new shirt order for a while, and we have several club members who joined after our last shirt order, but we ran into some hiccups with our previous supplier no longer doing apparel.

I found an online company, UPrinting, that has some decent prices at the numbers we’ll probably be ordering.  There’s a huge variety of clothing/accessory options we can order, but I think limiting it to a work shirt, t-shirt and possibly a hat (if there’s enough interest) would be a good start.

For rough pricing at less than 11 items per type of shirt we’d be looking at the following:

  • Work shirt: $50 (small logo on front left chest, large logo on back)
  • T-shirt: $16 (small logo on front left chest, large logo on back)
  • Hat: $29 (logo on front only) – $50 embroidery fee if less than 6 orders, waived if 6 or more

The logo would be full color and screen printed on the shirts and embroidered on the hat. There is a small upcharge per work shirt if it’s printed on dark colors for some reason.

To get some ideas on sizing/fit and colors for the various items, check out the following links:

I put together a spreadsheet to get an idea of who’s interested in new shirts and how many we might be ordering.  If you’re interested in a new shirt or hat, put your name and number/sizing/color information in the following spreadsheet:

Once we have an idea of numbers, we can figure out actual pricing and get the order started.

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