February 2023 Meeting Minutes

This month’s mini-club competition (stout) was a huge success. We had nine entries which were flighted blind, all at once. This gave us a much better chance to compare the beers against each other. Congrats to Ken for winning with his Imperial Stout. Second went to George for his Pastry Stout and third went to Ben for his Milk Stout.

There were nine of us in attendance this month with 19 beers shared (several of which were big stouts, both homebrew and commercial).

Custom Club AHA Renewal

I signed us up for the AHA referral program which gives our club a $5 kickback whenever someone joins or renews their membership through our custom link and enters SDCCB as the code. If you’ve let your membership lapse or haven’t signed up before, I’d encourage you to do so. You can find our custom URL here: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/support-the-aha/?promo=Sangre-de-Cristo-Craft-Brewers (note: you will still need to enter SDCCB as the code when you’re at that point in the sign up process).

Some topics we covered at the meeting included:

St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl – There was more talk about doing a pub crawl starting in the Railyard of Santa Fe on Friday March 17th. If someone wants to do some more planning on this, please take the reins!

Apparel order – I know many of you have already updated your information on the branded club apparel spreadsheet, but if you haven’t and are interested in getting some new gear, please update the spreadsheet. We’ll be using this soon to place an order for new shirts. If you want a work shirt or t-shirt, check out this post for more information and a link to our spreadsheet where we’re tracking interest: SDCCB Club Shirts / Apparel Ordering

Custom SDCCB glassware – Lorrey also brought up the idea of getting some custom glassware with our club logo printed on it. After a quick look, the pricing doesn’t seem too bad. There would be a $45 setup fee for the printer and then each glass would be about $5 with a minimum order of 24. We’ll look into this more and see what size / style of glassware would be the best.

Upcoming Events:

Bow and Arrow is having a Tap Takeover this Friday, February 17th at 5pm at Fire and Hops in Santa Fe. Kevin Davis, the head brewer, will be there to talk about the beer. Logo glassware will also be handed out.

Internal Club Competitions:

For June 2023 – Brew up a Belgian! Any beer that falls into BJCP 2021 categories 24 and 25 are fair game. This includes: 24A. Belgian Witbier, 24B. Belgian Pale Ale, 24C. Biere de Garde, 25A. Belgian Blonde Ale, 25B. Saison, 25C. Belgian Golden Strong

The full list of beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Brandon O: Imperial Stout
  • Corey T: The Guide (Imperial Stout), Wander Wagon by La Cumbre, Rue d’Floyd (2017) by 3 Floyds/The Bruery
  • Eric H: Imperial Stout, Hobgloblin by Whychwood, Mint Chocolate Stout by Perennial Artisan Ales
  • George: Pastry Stout
  • Ben: Milk Stout, Barrel aged coconut stout
  • Ken: Imperial Stout #1, Imperial Stout #2
  • Lorrey: Guinness Draught Stout, Stockyard Oatmeal Stout
  • David R: Cider (2018), Sour Cider
  • Tom: Imperial Stout (Aug 2022), Collusion (Imperial Stout Collab w/ Chicago homebrew club), Ohio City Oatmeal Stout by Great Lakes Brewing Co

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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