June 2021 Meeting Minutes

Turnout for this month’s meeting was a little small with only 6 of us in attendance. Lorrey did an amazing job of having some great snacks for us. The weather cooperated and we were able to meet on his patio without being too hot.

The main focus of this meeting was to do our mini club competition. I know there were other club members that brewed wheat beers for the competition that didn’t make it, but we ended up with 4 wheat beers at the meeting. The winner of the competition was Eric with his Dunkelweizen! He got awarded the SDCCB brew paddle and will hold onto that until the next mini club competition.

The beers brought to this meeting were:

  • Lorrey – German Pilsner, Bierstadt Dopplebock
  • Aaron – Belgian Quad w/ Plums
  • Brandon – American Wheat w/ Galaxy, Blueberry Lavender mead, Mango Black Tea mead
  • Corey – Hazy Wheat IPA w/ Strata, Freemont Brewing Vanilla Darkstar, Rare Barrel Blackberry golden sour
  • Dave G – Belgian Wit w/ Hatch Green Chile
  • Eric – Dunkelweizen, Sierra Blanca Dos Hefes

Next meeting will be on Wednesday July 21 @ 6:30pm at David G’s house. Since we’re meeting at club member’s houses and not breweries with kitchens (at least for the time being), there was some talk about doing a mini potlock at our meetings so we have some more solid food and don’t have to eat dinner at 5:30 in order to make it to the meeting. We’ll flesh more of this out but I think it’s a good idea and I’d be more than happy to contribute.

Along those lines, while we’re still meeting at club member’s houses, we’ll probably start asking for an RSVP of who will be coming.  It makes planning a little easier for the host.

Directions and other meeting info will come later.

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