August 2021 Meeting Minutes

The rain made a surprise visit right around the time the meeting started, but fortunately had passed after a little while. We had some chili, coleslaw, sourdough bread with apricot preserves and honey (thanks to Ted for those additions!).

There wasn’t much to discuss in the way of club business this month. Eric and Tom are going to take over the monthly BJCP tastings / practices.

If you’re planning on brewing an amber style lager for the October meeting, you might want to get started on that soon if you haven’t already! As it stands now, the plan will be to have the October meeting at Ted’s house. I think it would be fun to make this more of an Oktoberfest style event and have some big pretzels, grainy mustard, kraut and some brats. We can discuss this more as the meeting gets closer!

For only having 8 of us in attendance (unfortunately we had three members who needed to back out last minute), we did have quite a few drinks that covered a good spectrum of styles. Those were:

  • Brandon – Apricot Mead, Braggot, Farmhouse Saison, Pale Ale, RFA Biscochito Braggot
  • Lorrey – Belgian Dubbel, St. Arnold Pilsner
  • Tom – Pilsner
  • Eric – White Chocolate Blonde Stout, Porter, Pale Ale, Dortmunder
  • Ted – Wheat w/ home grown hops, Mexican Lager, Cherry Porter, Apple Cider, RFA Rye Baltic Porter
  • Corey – Reuben’s Pilsner, Georgetown Bodhizafa IPA, Pfriem Kolsch, 2016 Bruery Mocha Wednesday

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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