May 2022 Meeting Minutes

We had another great meeting at Santa Fe Brewing Co this month. The number of beers brought was a little more manageable this time, with a total of 18. We tested out a new beer flight system by streaming the beers to a TV in the party room. With some adjustments, I think this will be a really fun way to keep track of which beers we’ve tried and which are up next.

Some topics we covered at the meeting included:

Next Mini Club Competition – The next mini club competition will take place at the June meeting. For this round, we’ll be brewing beers that contain honey in some form (either during boil or added after fermentation has already started). The judging should be based on which beer has the most honey flavor and how well it compliments the base style. If you haven’t started brewing your beer yet, you’re running out of time!

Memorial Day Campout – We have the Santa Fe Brewing Hop Farm reserved for Memorial Day weekend. Come and camp for a night or two or just hang out for the day. The spot is right on the river and is a great secluded spot to relax. The hop farm is next to the Blue Heron brewery in Rinconada (GPS: 36.21577998126095, -105.8829407363819). Tom will be playing Camp Host all weekend and several of us are planning on making Saturday the day to go up and hang out.

New T-Shirt Orders – It’s been a while since we bought our last round of club branded t-shirts and work shirts. David is going to look into Monsoon Graphics to see what our options are for T-shirts, work shirts and hats.

Planting hops with a hop farm – A hop farm up on the High Road to Taos reached out to the club to see if there was any interest in helping them plant their hops. If interested, the farm can be reached at (505) 570-7633. Link to farm on Google Maps:

The full list of beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Brandon: Neomexicanus Saison, New Zealand Pilsner
  • Corey: British Mild w/ Honey (collab with Eric), Year 10 from Jester King, Neomexicanus Sloppy Sloth from 2nd Street
  • Ken: 2012 Barleywine, 2020 Barleywine
  • Lorrey: Dubel, Neomexicanus Blonde, Black is Beautiful Stout from La Cumbre
  • Eric: White Chocolate Blonde Stout, Dragon’s Milk White Stout from New Holland
  • Mike: Plum Mead, Peach Golden Sour
  • David G: 2013 Club Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel
  • George: So Happens It’s Tuesday from The Bruery
  • Tom: Apple Cider, Pilsner

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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