July 2022 Meeting Minutes

As they tend to be for mid-summer meetings, we had a small turn out last night, only 6 of us, but we still enjoyed several great beers. We had Ponderosa’s gold medal winning Italian pilsner. It was simply divine. Big thanks to Corey for bringing a fresh growler of it.

The star hit of the night and top on everyone’s kudos list was Tom’s aged Russian imperial stout, named RISky RIS. I would love to have more of it.

Some topics we covered at the meeting included:

Internal Club Competition: for October – We decided finally that the next club competition will be a Festbier one, limited to that category (BJCP 2015 category 4B: Pale Malty European Lager Festbier). We’ll be judging these at the October meeting.

October Club Meeting Moved to Saturday, 15 October – Speaking of which, we wanted to have an actual Octoberfest for that meeting so we thought to move it to Saturday, October 15. This would replace the regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting that month. Chime in if you have a problem with that. One of the advantages of coming out to the meetings is that you get a say in such things. I realize an agenda wasn’t published for this last meeting, so there’s still room for discussion here. The meeting location hasn’t been nailed down yet but the plan is to have food available and make an afternoon out of it.

The full list of beers brought to the meeting were:

  • Corey: Proof of Life by Gravity Bound, Italian Pilsner by Ponderosa, Obscurity in Bloom by Gravity Bound
  • Ken: IPA, West Coast Lager
  • Lorrey: ESB, Butcher by Black Project, Slushy XL Jungle Juice
  • Eric: Red Ale, Bernard Bohemian Lager
  • Tom: RISky Russian Imperial Stout, Sponge Bomb by Steelbound, Speed Castle by Three Floyds

(Note: commercial beers are italicized)

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